Fit Focused

Becoming a stronger, fitter, more confident you.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired but don’t know how to change that?


Do you keep trying to get on track with healthy eating and exercising

but it’s just too challenging to maintain?


Are you overwhelmed with all the health and fitness information out there?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone!


I’ve been there. In fact, some days I’m still there.


Maintaining healthy habits and developing a fitness routine is a lifelong process

and not something that “comes easy” to most of us.


Throw in the plethora of (often contradictory) information

and messaging you get from social media, magazines, your sister-in-law

and your mom’s best friend, and that’s a sure recipe for confusion.

No wonder it feels like you’re never going to get it right.


Here’s the thing though:


Each of our bodies is so unique and custom designed to suit our specific needs

that there really is no “right way” of doing things that works for everyone.


It’s up to us to learn how we can best support ourselves

physically, mentally and emotionally so that we can lead our best lives,

function at an optimal level, and fully be here for the loved ones in our lives.


For this reason, I’ve developed “Fit Focused,” an eight day online program

that’ll provide you with the tools you need and walk you through

the steps to creating your very own fitness plan

– just in time for the new year.


No, I’m not talking about an overhaul of your life.

Life is hectic enough right now.

Summer’s ending… school’s starting… yom tov is coming…

the last thing you need is to turn your life upside down,

schedule in workouts four times a week

and start shopping for those zoodle-making things.


Yes, I am talking about a simple step-by-step plan to finding

what you need most in your life right now and

helping you find the tools you need to make that a part of your life

– along with all the hecticness happening.


So if you feel like you’re ready take care of YOU the way that YOU deserve,

sign up for “Fit Focused” for $19.

“Fit Focused” begins on Sunday, September 15th

and runs through Sunday, September 22nd.


Through this online program you will be encouraged to explore

what is most important for you to focus on right now

and help you put that into action.


You get to choose whether you want to focus on nutrition,

physical activity, sleep, self care, or any other aspect of health.


For optimal results, you will receive an e-packet that will contain

all the assignments found in this program for you to print out

for easy access, as well as membership to our Fit Focused FaceBook Group

for fellow Fit Focusers only.


This group will provide support, encouragement and feedback

as we journey through this program together.

Here you will also find details regarding the daily prompts and assignments.


(If FaceBook is not your thing and you prefer to make use of this program via email only,

that’s totally fine – you’ll still get the results you’re looking for.)