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Is Your Perfectionism Holding You Back from Exercising?

This is for all my fellow Fit Jewess perfectionists. Racheli, 8th Grade Racheli had the ball. Her teammates were rooting for her and I was inwardly cheering her on. We all wanted her to make the basket. She steadied herself, gave a little dip of the knees, kept her eyes on the hoop, lifted the…
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Discovering My Relationship with Food and the Body in the Mirror

I look into the mirror and I see a body. A body that stubbornly refuses to conform to societal standards of beauty despite an insane amount effort. A body that has large stores of fat cells and not an insignificant amount of flab. A body that jiggles when it walks and fills the seat of…
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5 Lessons the Open Taught Me

What is the Open? If you are at familiar with the Open, then I have no doubt that you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you’re not… then yes, I understand if you’re thinking “What the heck is the Open?!” The CrossFit Games that take place mid-summer are to CrossFit what the Super…
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The 5 Best Dates You Haven’t Been On

Valentine’s Day and Judaism? What do Valentine’s Day, Judaism and the Fit Jewess have in common? At first glance, not much. Valentine’s Day has Christian roots and reference to martyrdom. But, like many other holidays, Valentine’s Day has become so commercialized that most people likely don’t even know how it came to be a day…
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The Best Jew on the Beach Workout

Are you on vacation? All bedecked in your tznius finery? No worries. This workout was created with you in mind! And just in case you’re headed out for the islands where you won’t have internet service, here’s an outline of the workout for you to keep on hand: Buy in – Running sprint      5…
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Eat, Sleep, Pray… and Eat Again

Eat, Sleep, Pray… and Eat Again   As a Jew, sometimes it feels like this is all I do. Yes, I work during the 6 days between every Shabbat, but just when it seems like I finally get myself into a routine, another major holiday comes along to throw it all off. And regardless of…
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