Intuitive Eating at the Kosher Food & Wine Expo

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Intuitive Eating at the Kosher Food & Wine Expo

“Last night at the food and wine festival, when I mentioned to a group of lady acquaintances that Sara is my fitness coach, two of them jumped to the conclusion that it would be awkward to go to a food festival with her because I might worry about her judging my food choices.

In that context, because two of them knew about my ‘obsession’ with IE, I was able to say “quite the opposite” and Sara was able to introduce the concept of weight neutral fitness.” – Tirtsa

One of the beautiful things about coaching clients consistently throughout the year is the amazing friendships that are created and developed!

Tirtsa was my very first client when I first founded Fit Jewess and I think as such it’s fair to say she’s got a special place in my heart. Working out one-on-one three times a week results in a lot of time spent together and makes for a lot of random conversation points between burpees and during deadlift rest breaks.

I’ve been blessed to get to know Tirtsa and her family pretty well and invite myself over for many a Shabbos meal (yes, that’s a skill we singles develop quickly) and we share things the way girlfriends do.

*Don’t worry, it’s still a professional working relationship!

So when Tirtsa texted me a couple weeks ago and invited me to join her at the KFWE in Los Angeles I was touched and excited. I was looking forward to a Girls Night Out, but had a lot more fun than I had anticipated.

I’m not much of a foodie, but Tirtsa is and I was determined to enjoy every morsel of food with the same (ok, near) amount of excitement and appreciation that she did, without getting overwhelmed by the wine options. Neither of us are big wine fans.

As an experienced newbie to Intuitive Eating, I went into the event with the mindset that I’d be open to tasting anything I wanted to without worrying about nutritional value or caloric amounts.

(Just so we’re clear, I understand the importance of and place high value on nutritional content of foods, but I also don’t believe that there isn’t wiggle room for occasions like this one.)

But what I found far more satisfying and empowering was not the permission that I gave myself to eat whatever I wanted, but the permission to not eat whatever I didn’t want.

At $125 a pop, an evening ticket to the KFWE is nothing to sneeze at. Especially for this entrepreneur who’s living in the ridiculously expensive city of Los Angeles.

As a “dollar” eater, I like to get my money’s worth for whatever it is that I buy. It’s why I have a hard time not finishing my meal at a restaurant or throwing out the last third of my Coffee Bean Ice Blended.

I’ve come a long way since beginning my IE journey and have learned to recognize that the dollar amount I pay for my food is not just for the physical sustenance, and actually includes the emotional contentment I get for it as well.

So instead of seeing the $125 entry fee as an obligation to try every meat, salad and cake and sip every wine option in order to due justice to the financial expense, instead I found myself truly enjoying that which tempted me and I wanted to try and comfortably telling Tirtsa, “No, I’m going to pass on that. I’m just not in the mood.”

At one point we tasted a green papaya salad that we both really like and upon finishing what was on our plates, we debated going back for seconds. We looked at each other and then at the same time said, “Let’s see what else there is and then come back if we still want more.”

The pressure of needing to take it all now and to get as much as we can while it’s available sort of melts away as we tune into our bodies and enjoy the experience in the moment.

There is no right or wrong way of doing this, but the two of us had an awesome time, enjoyed every bite we ate, savored every sip we drank and left feeling good. No stuffed stomachs and no repressed cravings.

And I could not have had a better first time at the KFWE!

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  1. Hayley says:

    I wish I had this mindset there!

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