The Airport Workout for Last Minute Packers

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The Airport Workout for Last Minute Packers

Picture this:

It’s Travel Day.

You’ve been planning this vacation for so long. You’ve got an itinerary chock full of exciting adventures, or alternatively, full of nothingness and relaxation. You’ve got your accommodations all set and you’ve checked into your flight 20 hours ago.

So far so good.

If you’re anything like me, you’re also a last minute packer.

Somehow it’s the day of and you’re running around, grabbing freshly laundered clothing from the hanging rack and you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to fit all the pairs of shoes you want to bring into your suitcase. You’re worried that you might not have time to pick up the food for your flight that you should have bought the night before, but didn’t because you really wanted a fresh danish, not a day-old one. Needless to say, you’re rushed and maybe even a tiny bit stressed.

(And all this is not taking into account your particular situation if you happen to have kids. In which case, you need to make sure that everyone has everything they need for the duration of your trip and everyone is where they should be.)

Bottom line, your scheduled workout did not take place.

*If you’re not like me and you managed to arrange everything in advance, have your luggage at the front door the night before and you did make it to your exercise class, then skip this. You don’t need it.*

So, inspired by my own lack of organization, I’ve put together a quick Airport Workout video that can be done anywhere – with no equipment.

Don’t worry, I removed my go-to burpees and chose movements that are less conspicuous and included timed rest so that you don’t get too sweaty right before your flight.

Watch and give it a try.

And please let me know which airport you exercised in and how it went.

Bonus points if you include a video!

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