Twelve Weeks Stronger

Becoming a stronger, fitter, more confident you.

If you’re looking for a budget friendly, at home option, this is it!

This program is designed for the woman who is ready to take control of her fitness, but for now needs an option that works within her means – from location to finances to flexibility.

Twelve Weeks Stronger has three scheduled workouts per week (for a total of 36 workouts) along with a weekly bonus exercise challenge. 

Additionally, there are nutrition guidelines in line with a non-diet approach to eating. It sounds kind of bizarre and scary at first, but as you work through the program, your skepticism will drop and your overall relationship with food will become increasingly healthier.

Each workout has three movement progressions so that you can take part in this program regardless of your current fitness level. That means whether you’re currently an avid gym goer who needs another option for lack of time or you haven’t stepped foot in the gym in at least six years (or ever), there’s something for you!

This is designed as an at home program and as such, all exercises are bodyweight movements, so no equipment is necessary. 

Twelve Weeks Stronger will be released in early January 2018 at the bargain price point of $249.

Pre-order yours today for only $199 and save $50!